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5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades to Tackle this Weekend

Combine Stylish Accents with Functional Application

Giving a little DIY TLC to your kitchen is a great way to combine stylish accents with functional applications. With the right projects, you can easily add elements to your kitchen that transform the look of the kitchen while helping make the most of space and keep your kitchen appliances in mint condition.

For easy ideas that you can knock out in one weekend, try one of these five kitchen upgrades.

Create a Kitchen Backsplash

It’s easy to overlook your kitchen when it comes to thinking up decorative accents and design ideas for your home. If you find that your kitchen is in need of a serious style makeover, block out some time to add a DIY backsplash behind your countertops.

A basic pattern is super simple to create with small tiles in assorted colors, and adding a pop of color is a quick way to totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Head to your local Home Depot or Lowes to see what is available near you!

As an alternative to real tile, you can use peel and stick tile panels. As their name implies, you just mark out where you want the tile to go, clean the surface, and then peel the backing from the tile and apply it to the wall. You can give your kitchen a facelift in a few hours using these handy tiles, and it won’t break the bank.

Create a Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Is your paper towel holder crowding up your countertops or being an eyesore? Take advantage of extra wall space and build a mounted holder for your paper towels, instead. A leather holder is not only a practical and easy way to keep your paper towels within reach (without having them compete for space with your toaster, coffee machine, and slow cooker), but it’s incredibly stylish, too. You could also use matte black fixtures or brass, depending on your kitchen’s color scheme.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen lighting is vital to preparing food. Being able to read recipes and see ingredients can be difficult with overhead lighting at times, which casts shadows. You can solve this problem and create nice ambient light using under cabinet lighting. Simple push-button LEDs can be used, or you can hardwire a string of lights. There are plenty of options at Home Depot or Lowes that are user-friendly to install. Head here for a step-by-step guide.

Swap Out Hardware

Stay on trend by installing new drawer pulls. This is an easy and cost-effective way to give your kitchen a classic, retro, or modern look at a low cost with minimal effort. You can order them on Amazon or peruse your local hardware store for available options.

Organize Cabinets Under the Sink

The space below your kitchen sink is the perfect spot to store all of your household cleaning supplies. But it doesn’t take more than a small bit of neglect for the storage spot to start looking like a mess. To get things back in order, take the time to get under the sink and really organize all of your supplies.

Put things like cleaning sprays, extra sponges, and floor cleaners in a little tray to keep them in place. As for rubber gloves and dish rags, the quick addition of a few mounted hooks on the inside of your cabinet door makes for easy hanging.