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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

Heather Ruhana Weighs In

Summer gatherings, including Memorial Day Weekend, are fast approaching as the weather warms up here in Michigan. Today we are sharing 5 easy ways to elevate your outdoor space for summer entertaining.

You can incorporate home decor items you may already own around your home, or head to your local Home Goods to pick up some of these items!

Identify Your Color Palette

Decide on a color palette using two to three different colors that you can use throughout the season. Experiment and mix color combinations for a stylish table that will make meals on the patio with guests as elegant as indoor ones. Having a versatile color palette that compliments the rest of your home, but adds a pop of color is always a fun way to incorporate colors for the summer season. Heather Ruhana, an agent at DOBI, has a background in interior design and recommends a neutral palette and if you want to bring in pops of color you can do that with pillows, flowers, rugs, and other outdoor decor items. That way you can change the colors every year without breaking the bank.


Incorporate different types of fabric to add texture and interest to your space. Find some textured throw pillows, dining table cloths, and woven coasters to add flair to even the simplest of spaces. We recommend using specially treated fabrics that can be left out during the summer months and not turn color or wear easily.

Add Lights and Candles

Add candles for a touch of elegance and warmth when the sun goes down. You can opt for flameless candles if you have younger children, and want to prevent any unwanted fire hazards. We also love the idea of using tea lights and floating them in water in vases with flower petals. Plus, you can always repurpose candles in your home during the cooler months when planning out festive holiday tablescapes that utilize candles.


Rugs and table runners can set the scene in your backyard and complete the look, making your outside gathering space feel extra relaxed and comfortable. Try and opt for something neutral or a color that compliments your chosen color palette. Heather notes you can use a rug to bring everything together as well as a add coffee table or fire pit in the center.  And of course incorporating lighting, flowers, and decor as well.


Position side outdoor furniture for drinks and light bites when entertaining. We suggest using a mix of materials such as wood, terrazzo, and steel. These materials are durable yet, add a stylish feel.

Heather says, as far as arranging it all depends on the space. Will you be you using it for dining or lounging, or both?  For an outdoor dining space, it is more straightforward and if you add a rug, lighting, and decor it will create a beautiful ambiance.

For lounging, you want to create a seating arrangement that fits the space by choosing a focal point and arranging couches, chairs, and end tables around that. Ensure that there is good traffic flow to walk around the furniture, and don’t butt up furniture against a wall.

Save this post to refer back to before your first outdoor gathering!