5 Habits of a Successful Realtor (or any Business Person) | DOBI

5 Habits of a Successful Realtor (or any Business Person)

Motivation from the CEO

DOBI CEO, Simon Thomas, shares what it takes to be successful in this industry. These are the 5 habits to be successful as a realtor, or business person in any industry.

1. Reading matters. Read 1-3 articles per day regarding real estate. Great resources for this include Inman, Real Trends, GMAR, and NOCBOR. This will give you great information on the local and national market trends. Knowledge is Power. Read or listen to books 30 – 45 mins per day. Read books about successful people, companies, self-help, and self-growth books. This will get your mind working in the right direction. Pick the minutes per day that work for you and do it.

2. Study Realcomp for 30 – 45 mins per day looking at new active listings for the day and running CMA’s for new constructions in the geographic areas you spend most of your time in. Every month make sure you are looking at your market area stats that Realcomp releases. You can even look at stats per city, focusing on cities you do most of your business in. Being able to share this information with peers, clients, and friends builds serious credibility and value add. Know your market like you know your phone number. The realtor with the best market knowledge wins.

3. Perfect your listing presentation. We have a great presentation to use as your starting point, feel free to make it your own, but be consistent. I would reach out to other successful agents in our office to role play with them and incorporate best practices into yours.

4. Crazy Follow Up. Keeping a “To-Do List” is very important. This should be updated every night so you are ready to go in the morning. I rewrite my list 2-4 times per day. I will not go home until that list is completed every day. I also will not go home until my email inbox is at zero. All emails responded to, filed away, or deleted. Once your day gets going, your phone starts ringing, it’s hard to have the quiet time to create your list -do it the night before or before your day starts. That may mean waking up before everyone else in your house to tackle this.

5. Time block. You need to just do it. This is not a skill anyone but yourself can help you with. This is about how bad you want it. You need to find a way or else you won’t see a change. Timing is everything in this business. If another agent calls someone back first or responds to an email first – they may have won the business. Do not let time be the reason you did not get a client or lose one. Let’s go.

Stop Overthinking. If you work hard and commit to numbers 1-5, overthinking will go away. You will be too busy to overthink. You will know the sky’s the limit and anything is possible. You will know what it takes to go to the next level because you have already jumped a level. A habit is meant to stay, not to turn off and on.

Master your craft. It starts here. Creating habits takes commitment and dedication. Each one of us has it in ourselves to be great. Wake up every day with a purpose. Win.