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6 Tips To Transition Your Home This Fall

Warm Metallics, Fall Florals, and a Pumpkin (Or Two!)

Ready or not, cooler temps and fall weather is nearly here! Soon it’ll be time to pile up with blankets, drink something warm and spiced, and wear our favorite cozy sweaters. Fall décor comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. From deep red and orange furniture to velvet accents, and of course, a pumpkin or two.

If the changing of the seasons has you feeling ready for a healthy dose of coziness in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re bringing the fall feels into your home without breaking the bank by offering some simple ways to decorate. We’ve put together our favorite autumn-inspired looks, plus some affordable product suggestions so you can transform your home just in time for fall.


An autumn color palette is all about capturing the organic beauty of the season— the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns that dictate the fall colors. But that doesn’t mean you need to limit your décor to those colors. Warm metallics such as brass and copper allow you to harness those fiery hues in a more modern way. Bring the trend home with a brass table lamp, a pair of copper candlesticks, or an oversized copper bowl filled with red apples or mini pumpkins. We are loving these metallic brass tapered candlesticks, perfect for adding a modern touch of warmth to your tablescape when entertaining.


When it comes to switching your décor on a budget, throw pillows are always a good place to start. Welcome in the fall season by choosing pillows or pillow covers in fabrics you’d want to cozy up to, like velvets, faux furs, and textured knits. As for colors and prints, you can go the traditional route with plaids and fall colors, or try something more modern such as warm neutrals and minimalist patterns. DOBI agent, Angela Snedeker, loves to swap her summer yellows into her velvet green pillows, so everything becomes cozier.


Let’s face it, it’s not fall without a pumpkin or two worked into your space. But, don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to work this fall staple into your decor–real or not! Pumpkin spice scented candles, faux miniature pumpkin decor, and even this adorable pumpkin ramekin candle are a chic way to incorporate this seasonal decor that serves a multi-purpose.

Fall pumpkins also don’t need to be in the standard array of seasonal colors. Instead, take advantage of their inherently fall look and add pumpkins to your living room in brightly-colored colors not typically associated with fall, like navy and turquoise. DOBI agent, Heather Ruhana, suggests adding a few mantle fall decor items such as pumpkins, fall florals, or whimsical decor to make the space feel fall and cozy.


This time of year, leaves are changing colors, flowers are blooming, and fruits and veggies are all being harvested. So, who said flowers should be limited to summer? Fall bouquets can also add some beautiful seasonality to your space, with the help of fall blooms like mums or African daisies, and flowers in fall colors like deep red or orange. You can also invite the joy of the season into your home with bright and cheerful fall sunflowers.

DOBI agent, Angela Snedeker, welcomes fall into her home by swapping her summer florals for mums and even creates a pumpkin arch. The pumpkin arch consists of twigs and spider sticks that go in her planters along with some pumpkins. For the arch, she shares that she “spray painted styrofoam pumpkins attached to PVC and around my house archway. It isn’t up yet but it’s in my garage lol!” We can’t wait to see it come together!


Sometimes it’s the small things that pull a whole look together. There are plenty of textures that can bring it warmth including linen, leather, burlap, and soft knits. For example, Linen is a fabulous material for autumn decor vignettes because of its textured weave and dimension. The natural fibers of a linen table runner aid in bringing the outdoors in and highlight other interior elements such as dark wood tones, matted metallics, glassware, and greenery.

Leather embodies the warm hues and textures that are synonymous with fall décor, and the material (real or faux) also adds a little edge and ruggedness to final designs.


We have talked a lot about ways to incorporate fall into your home but let’s not forget about your outdoor space.

Heather Ruhana, says that the “less is more” concept goes out the door when it comes to outdoor fall decor, MORE IS BETTER. “Utilizing your porch’s existing architecture and introducing height will give you the best results. Corn stalks will help with vertical space and mums layered with pumpkins- both real and faux pumpkins with lanterns can really make your home stand out and feel fall.” These items can be positioned on each step creating an overflow effect. You can also try swapping out for a fall wreath to tie it all together.

DOBI agent, Tammy Jonna, shares that the first thing she does do is swap out her front porch planters for a fall theme arrangement. After that, she changes her welcome mat to a pumpkin with their last name on it.