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Abby Center, The Road So Far

Growing her business through broker support and business planning

Abby Center

Intrigued by the purchase of her own home, Abby Center decided to pursue a career in real estate. Using her previous experience in the legal field, along with the training and mentorship here at DOBI, Abby has been able to jump-start her career.

Abby joined DOBI Real Estate in December of 2020. We took a minute to check in with her about how her few months starting out have been.

DOBI: How did you hear about DOBI and what drew you here?

Abby: I found DOBI through their Instagram profile. I admired it from a distance for about a year and when I was ready for a switch up and ready to ramp up my business, I decided to join. One thing that really impressed me during the interview process with DOBI and in speaking with other DOBI agents was that every person took the time to listen to my needs and helped me determine what brokerage would be best for me – whether that was DOBI or not. I felt that if DOBI was looking out for the best interest of me and my business during the interview process, they would continue to do that for years to come.

DOBI: Is there anything new you learned at DOBI that you have been able to apply to your work?

Abby: I am being taught the steps in how to plan and project for business for this year and the coming years. I’ve been guided by the broker to make realistic goals and take specific daily/weekly/monthly actions that will help get me there. It’s also been great to learn how I can influence the groups or circles I’m already in and help them through real estate.

DOBI: What is one quality about yourself that you think has made you successful as an agent?

Abby: I’m a people person – I love being around people, listening to them, and learning from them. I try to bring joy into every conversation I have. I feel listening is such a forgotten tool in our culture and specifically, in this industry – people want their needs, expectations, worries, frustrations listened to and understood. The more you listen, the more you know.

DOBI: What is your next goal? How are you on a path to succeed?

Abby: I have a number of goals for the year in different areas including production, business, influence, fitness, and personal accountability. The biggest factor that helps me succeed in my goals is my calendar which helps keep me accountable and guarantees that my daily tasks are getting accomplished to get me to my goals. I don’t leave my house without my calendar! I’ve really loved helping families through real estate and learning the business – you learn something new every day which keeps the career exciting and allows an opportunity for constant growth.

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