Agent Spotlight: ‘Big Wave Winner’ Tracy Woodrum Grew Her Business 282% | DOBI

Agent Spotlight: ‘Big Wave Winner’ Tracy Woodrum Grew Her Business 282%

Tracy spills the tea on her recent wins!

Tracy Woodrum, agent and mom of three recently was the recipient of the Big Wave award at DOBI. The peer-nominated award gives our agents and staff a special way to recognize their colleagues for doing extraordinary work from the previous month.

She was nominated by fellow agents and staff in November not only for her willingness to help others and positive attitude but also for her relentless dedication to her work and #TeawithTracy Instagram LIVE series! We had to get the TEA from Tracy on her recent win and also her business growth…282% growth since last year!

DOBI: You’ve had some incredible growth in your business since joining us last year (282% to be exact!) What do you attribute to this massive growth?

Tracy: It was several factors. I knew it was time to focus more on business. My kids are older now and more independent. I knew I could put the time into my business without leaving a huge void in my family life.

DOBI: Why did you want to come to DOBI?

Tracy: A big reason I made the move to DOBI was everything that was offered to me as an agent. The culture and philosophy were the same as how I ran my business – referral based, taking care of my clients & putting their needs first. This mindset is established from the top of the brokerage down, it filters throughout every aspect of the organization.

DOBI: What made the largest impact on your business over the past year?

Tracy: I decided I was going to take advantage of every opportunity that DOBI offered. I participated in every training this year and made my meetings with the Marketing team & our CEO, Simon Thomas, a priority. I took what I learned and what I already knew, but reinforced and incorporated that into my business plan 110%. I worked hard on being more consistent. Our business is cyclical and it’s easy to get pulled into the lull during the slower times.

DOBI: Speaking of the business being cyclical, this has not been a normal year. How did you manage with COVID and the uncertainty of the year?

Tracy: I spent a lot of time connecting with my clients, checking on them to see how they are doing. It is important to me the relationships I’ve built with them. I also took time to be more consistent on social media and build my brand, especially during quarantine and spending more time at home. I leaned into the support of the Marketing team to develop my social media skills. I slowly increased my social marketing and my Instagram #TeawithTracy series emerged! I’ve been able to be around so many motivated individuals who were well versed and consistent in social media which motivated me to dedicate more time to my social channels.

DOBI: Tell us more about your #TeawithTracy Instagram Series.

Tracy: I knew I needed to increase my social media presence, especially while in quarantine when I first started this series. I wanted to bring relevant and valuable information to my audience and increase my presence online. It was a hit and week after week I featured new guests in the industry. I’ve continued it throughout the year, making meaningful connections both with local businesses and on social media (someone even recognized me at a local Lake Orion event!)

DOBI: How has #TeaWithTracy evolved?

Tracy: Tea with Tracy is all about spilling relevant tips, tricks, and talk in all things real estate. I’ve featured partners in my business – everything from home stagers, organizers, lenders…the list goes on! As the year progressed and quarantine ended I decided to continue #TeawithTracy and dedicate time each week to bring a new guest on. I also had a local election series last month, and this month during the holiday season, I am doing a small business spotlight each week! I still have so much to learn and a long way to go with my social media presence, but it’s become a staple of my business and is so much fun!

To learn more about Tracy, visit her bio page on our website and be sure to tune into her #TeawithTracy Instagram Live series every Tuesday at noon on @realtortracy24.