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How do they help grow your business?

Agent Success

At DOBI we have a team of three dedicated Agent Success Coordinators, who ensure everything flows seamlessly in every aspect of your business. We wanted to learn more about their roles and share how they help to grow your business and what they are passionate about in their role. We had the chance to catch up with Allison, Jojo, and Nick to learn more about each member of the agent success squad and why they chose DOBI. 

DOBI: What daily support do you offer to agents?

Agent Success: It’s quite a long and diverse list honestly! To keep it simple, the Agent Success Team assists with making sure office inventory is always taken care of and training agents on our systems and platforms to ensure they’re utilizing our tools to the best of their abilities. We also take care of listing input, sign orders, printing assistance, status changes, and so much more! Most importantly, we make sure the vibes in the office are nothing but positive! There’s never a dull moment here at DOBI!

DOBI: How do you think your role as an agent success coordinator helps agents at DOBI grow their business? 

Agent Success: It allows them to not sweat the small stuff, so they can work on growing their real estate business. As an agent success coordinator, we help our agents grow their business by helping with their behind-the-scenes tasks so that they can take that time to focus solely on their clients and provide them with the best service possible. We notice that agents who utilize the agent success team the most tend to have more time to focus on their clients and networking; which in turn leads to more business!

DOBI: What are you passionate about? How does that translate into your role in agent success? 

Allison: To treat others how they want to be treated allows me to give the best customer service to my clients aka our agents. 

Jojo: I’m passionate about helping people and making a positive impact in their lives which I make an effort to do every day at DOBI! 

Nick: I’m passionate about working with people, as well as making them smile! Work is something almost all of us will have to endure so I’ve always made it a point to make my workplace an enjoyable place to be. Agents are out on the field going against so many tiring factors; so I feel like they truly enjoy coming into the office rather than dreading it. There’s nothing more powerful than a confident agent who feels like they have all the support they need!

DOBI: What is the biggest challenge in your role? 

Agent Success: It is fun and rewarding to be a part of helping an agent become successful in their business. We are in an industry where you constantly need to be adapting and changing directions very quickly. The one great thing about that is that we are never complacent and constantly learning new things and evolving with the industry. Also, not gaining the DOBI dozen (LOL). Everyone is always bringing in food to the office and celebrating their successes or special occasions which is so nice and fun to have in the office but not always easy on the waistband 😉 

DOBI: What is your favorite part about being an agent success coordinator? 

Agent Success: We love being able to talk and get to know agents on a personal level as well as working with them professionally. It is amazing to have the opportunity to hear an agent’s background and why they made the decision to come to DOBI! When a new agent says they are excited and don’t feel overwhelmed after our first meeting, nothing makes us happier that they feel they made the right decision to come to DOBI! The interactions are never the same with our agents, so getting to know each one on a deeper level is always nice too!

DOBI: What do you think sets DOBI’s agent success team apart from the support offered at other brokerages?

Agent Success: Together, we have an extensive knowledge of the DOBI suite of tools, MLS, listing process, and no job is too small or too big for us. Most other brokerages focus on quantity over quality and continue to bring in agents without bringing in more staff and brokerage support. At DOBI, we have three full-time agent success coordinators exclusively dedicated to helping our agents with anything they need, and if it is something that we can’t handle, we get them in touch with the right person for that job. We have a genuine passion for helping others and strive to make the lives of our agents better. You won’t find a better team that’s cross-trained in all aspects of the business that wants nothing more than to see you succeed!

DOBI: What is one thing you’d want an agent to know if they are thinking about joining DOBI?

Agent Success: If you are looking to grow your business this is the place to be, from broker support, the marketing team, agent success coordinators to the support from their fellow agents- they can’t help but succeed! Also, they are joining a family, not just a company. You won’t find a brokerage that has a stronger family feel than DOBI! We will always celebrate your victories, but we will also always be there to pick you up during difficult times, especially over the last year!  New agents come in nervous and by the end of their first week, they’ve already developed relationships with agents who have been here for years!

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