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Angela Munaco ‘Bosses Up’

How Anglela doubled her deals closed and grew her business 63% YOY!

Angela Munaco is a force to be reckoned with here at DOBI. She was selected as our Brokers Choice Winner in February, for her number of units closed. She has doubled her number of deals so far this year and increased her sales volume by 63%, compared to this time last year. She is on track to crush her goals and continue to grow her business.

DOBI: How long have you been in real estate?

Angela: I am one of the OG’s here at DOBI, but this November will be my fourth year.  

DOBI: Why did you choose to work in real estate?

Angela: I was interning at Quicken Loans and decided to get my license. Prior to that, I was going to be an Occupational Therapist. I always had an interest in real estate, as my dad is a commercial broker, my mom is an interior designer and my whole family are builders, so I’ve been around the industry my whole life. Initially, I was only interested in doing commercial real estate- I loved the retail commercial space, but after meeting with Simon, I fell in love with residential and loved the team environment.

DOBI: You’ve doubled your number of deals from this time last year and increased sales volume by 63%, how did you do that?

Angela: A huge focus of mine during quarantine, was to make a point to call everyone I knew, not just buying or selling, but all of my relationships and sphere of people. This pipeline allowed my business to just explode simply from taking the time to genuinely connect with my sphere. It’s the little things: birthday cards, thoughtful gestures, handwritten cards, and just picking up the phone and talking to people. Referrals have also been huge for me. I received four referrals from just one client, but because of those sustained relationships and genuine intention. I am super lucky to have a huge sphere of influence around me, so I am never short on people to talk to, LOL. 

DOBI: What was your sales volume goal this year? How have you adjusted?

Angela: 9M was my goal, which I have just about hit. 10M is my new goal, so I am excited to see where the rest of the year takes me.  I had no idea my business would explode, I did 9 transactions in 1 month, and work with a lot of first-time homebuyers, so it’s been great! It is important to put in the work and time. It was in my second year that I learned how much effort you need to put in to be successful, and it is now paying off! 

DOBI: Do you have a routine that you follow that sets you up for success? 

Angela: I love to be busy and doing something. My routine actually originated during COVID, it really helped me to have something consistent to do daily. First thing at 7:45 am, I take 30 minutes to go through emails, shower, get ready, and then sit down, go through MLS and send clients listings. At 9 am I check new listings, study the market for about an hour and then work on my to-do list from the night before. I will always set aside time to work on birthday cards as well during the week.

DOBI: What do you think sets DOBI apart from other brokerages:

Angela: We definitely cater more to our agents than other brokerages. Before DOBI, I was at a brokerage, and no one knew each other or would help each other out. Here at DOBI, it feels more intimate, even with how fast we are growing. Everyone knows each other, helps out and there is a healthy competition between us. I feel like I am known as the ‘DOBI Double’ Queen because I would rather work with someone here and know who I am working with. It makes it easier to communicate, collaborate and follow up to get the deal done while making it a smooth process for our clients. 

DOBI: How has the training here helped you?

Angela: The trainings here are catered and centered around your business and having the mentality of treating your business like a business owner. At other places, the training is focused more on teaching you how to do a transaction and get a paycheck. At DOBI, there is a mentality shift- real estate is not just a transaction-based business, it’s all about the relationships and DOBI does a great job of facilitating this mindset into our trainings.

DOBI: What’s your DOBI difference? 

Angela: For me, it is the culture here. At the brokerage I was at prior to DOBI,  I was a part of a team, where we are all individuals, helping each other, and had the team feel. That is the mentality at DOBI, so naturally, it was a great fit. At other brokerages, you sit in an office, and can’t figure out how to get your business going. It is super closed off and can feel isolating at times. That team mentality is what set me up from the start. Collaboration is a huge part of the team mentality here. 

DOBI: What is your favorite part of working in real estate?

Angela: I truly enjoy it. I love getting to know my clients, helping them with the biggest transaction of their lives, and learning fun things about them. I work with a ton of families and first-time homebuyers, so being able to help them take a big step in their life as an adult. It’s a huge financial decision for clients and it is cool to be a part of it and always have those memories with them during this time in their lives.

DOBI: What is the most challenging part of the current market?

Angela: The current market can be discouraging, so it is challenging sometimes to always stay positive for my clients, because you know a certain deal might not go through, and it’s tough disappointing people. But that is part of working in real estate. Yes, it’s a tough market, but you also need to be skilled with knowledge of the local areas, market stats, etc. Also, knowing the mortgage side, appraisal waivers, title- things that in 2016 it was straightforward,  but now more than ever it is important to know your craft & get creative to get your offer accepted. Communication is key.

DOBI: Advice for other agents starting in the industry?

Angela: The industry is not what you think it is, if you’re willing to put in the work and think like a business owner, you’ll do well- it is not HGTV. I work 80 + hours a week, everywhere I go, always looking, listening, and it’s crucial to being prepared. Prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself. It is also important to find something you enjoy doing as a lead source. For me, I am a dance team coach, which generated a ton of clients for me these past few years.

DOBI: Best advice you’ve been given?

Angela: If you think you are working hard, you need to push yourself harder. Real estate is a lifestyle, not a 9-5 or part-time job. It is also important to set some boundaries, once you don’t you’ll never have any. I also always bring my work with me even on my vacation, so clients still know they have access to me or have a backup plan that they can reach out to and feel supported.

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