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DOBI real estate agent photo
DOBI real estate agent photo
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February 2018
Why Real Estate?

My dad is a broker and it just made sense. After I graduated college I felt a little lost because I had no idea what I wanted to do. My dad suggested getting my real estate license and I fell in love with the industry! 


I’ve known Simon almost my entire life. I knew that he was killing it in real estate and I knew I needed a mentor. When I joined DOBI I didn’t realize that the entire team would take care of me! DOBI is such a cool and innovative company, why wouldn’t any millennial want to be apart of it? 

What do you love?

I love animals and I love my family! Everyone here is so family oriented and it’s nice that we are truly a family too! 

Favorite Movie

I’m basic so, Mean girls all the way!

Dream Vacation

I really want to go to Bora Bora and stay in those hotels on the water! So cool! But I also would love to go back to Italy! Positano, Taormina, and Capri were to die for! 

Random Thought...

Did you know that everyone perceives colors differently but when you are younger you’re told the name of colors. So you could actually be seeing an orangish color but you were told it’s green so that’s what you perceive green to be!

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