April Brokerage Award Winners | DOBI

April Brokerage Award Winners

& Cinco De Mayo!

It is officially May, and today is Cinco de May, so we had to celebrate with a festive lunch after today’s brokerage meeting. 

The increasing interest rates were a hot topic at this month’s meeting. Jon Aucott, from Superior National Bank, was here to break down what we are seeing on the mortgage side. We’ve seen rates go up to 5.5%, and ARMS coming back for frequently for loan options. An ARM loan gives you a lower rate now, with a chance to refinance.

Simon reminded our agents to keep it simple, go back to basics if you’re feeling stressed or burned out by months of this crazy market. Sometimes, working harder isn’t always the answer. It’s your energy, who you are talking to. You can double or triple your business in times like this by focusing on communication and relationships with people. People triple business in times like this. Work smarter. 

Our monthly winners always remind us to celebrate our wins in life and to always keep working because there is business to be done. Help us congratulate our winners below! 

Our Big Wave winner is peer-nominated by agents and staff. This month the award was given to Sara O’ Neil. Sarah has been extremely helpful with helping out other agents by holding open houses, showing clients homes, and helping with closings. She truly represents our Core Value “Come Together.” 

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner goes to our Graphic Designer, Olivia Bevacqua. She’s done an unbelievable job turning projects around for our agents and our brand. Great job Olivia, we’re so lucky to have you!

Our Broker’s Choice award is given to the agent who has gone above and beyond that month, nominated by our Broker Chris LeBlanc. This month our winner goes to Jordan Goodman. He’s been here for about a year, and has been putting in the hard work, getting in early, and constantly working hard for his clients. With 2 units closed at $1.7 million last month, he’s certainly hit his stride. Keep it up, Jordan! 

The Grit Award winner is given to the individual with the most units sold for the month, and this month our winner is Brooke Azimi. Brooke has constantly been hustling, staying late at the office, and even held a training recently for our agents on how she grew her business 300%. She’s even grown a team here, while obtaining her license in Virginia as well. Last month she closed 7 units. Incredible, Brooke. 

Top Dog winner this month for the highest sales volume goes to… The VS Group!  Vic and his team have been hustling and always working hard. Last month they closed $3 million with 6 units closed. Keep it up, team!

Stay tuned for next month’s winners. Keep up with us on social media!