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Ben Rondot, Two Years at DOBI Going Strong

How DOBI has helped him throughout his time here as an agent

Ben Rondot

Ben Rondot began his journey at DOBI Real Estate in May of 2019. Since his start, he’s been able to close a number of deals, helping people make the move into their dream homes. We took a minute to catch up with Ben to see how he’s been doing, and what his plans are for the future!

DOBI: Why did you choose DOBI?

Ben: I chose to move my business to DOBI because they provide their agents with the tools and support to grow their business in the quickest most organic way possible, compared to other brokerages I interviewed with. One of my favorite things that DOBI does is plan and coordinate small gifts that I can send to my past clients several times throughout the year. This is extremely valuable in helping me grow my business because it allows me to stay in front of my past clients and let them know I am still thinking of them and still appreciative that they trusted me to help them accomplish such an important life transaction.

DOBI: Is there anything new you learned at DOBI that you have been able to apply to your work?

Ben: I’ve learned a ton since moving my business to DOBI but most importantly how to take ownership of my business and “bossing up” in all areas to better service my clients. “Bossing up” to me means taking accountability over every aspect of my business. This can be anything from hiring the right photographer to properly highlight the best features of a new listing all the way to negotiating on behalf of my clients to keep the most money in their pockets.

DOBI: What is one quality about yourself that you think has made you successful as an agent?

Ben: My best quality as an agent is effective and efficient communication. I feel that communication is the most important part of putting a deal together for my clients. Communicating efficiently between my clients as well as other co-op agents is an integral part of getting my clients the best deal possible and getting them to the closing table in a smooth and timely manner. It also keeps buyers and sellers in the loop at all times. I like to over-inform my clients at every step of the real estate transaction so they never have to reach out and ask me what’s going on or what to expect next.

DOBI: What is your next goal? How are you on a path to succeed?

Ben: My next goal is to expand my real estate knowledge and expertise even further by getting my Brokers license! This will further expand my knowledge of real estate and, elevate my business.

For more information about Ben, including his contact information and links to his social media, check out his bio page here.