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Brooke Azimi increased her social media reach by 91%

Learn how Brooke turned social media into a lead source

Brooke guides her clients with her real estate expertise and knowledge of the home buying and selling process. Brooke has been able to leverage her social platforms, and use them as a lead source to grow her business. In fact, she applied the hashtag strategy she learned in a DOBI social media training and increased her reach on social media by 91%. 

We sat down with Brooke to learn more about how she did it (and how you can too! 😉)

DOBI: You’ve been in real estate for over a year now full time, how do you utilize the marketing support at DOBI to drive your business?

Brooke: The marketing support at DOBI has  been crucial to growing my business, especially in my first full year. I love that at DOBI, I am given the resources to continually learn and apply new social trends with ongoing social media trainings, which is where I learned the hashtag strategy. 

DOBI:  Tell us about the hashtag strategy you learned  in the DOBI social media training and how that impacted your social presence?

Brooke: I applied the hashtag strategy that I learned, and through one post, my social media reach increased by 91%, reaching a whole new audience and gaining new followers. It was cool to take something I learned, apply on my own post, and really see it work. It’s great to have direct access to our marketing team and social media support, it definitely helps to hold me accountable and come up with fresh ideas.  

DOBI: How do you stay inspired with new content?

Brooke: I think DOBI sets a great example on social media. Agents see what DOBI is doing, and know they have a great example, but also know they need to keep up with the brand. You guys are always coming up with new ideas, which inspires us agents to step outside of our comfort zone, take risks with new social trends, and get creative. Especially with COVID the last year, DOBI has always stayed one step ahead and given me the tools and resources  to keep my social media up to date and educate my audience on the market. 

DOBI: What do you do to stay ahead of the trends?

Brooke: The support from the brand is great with ongoing trainings and implementing new trends and features on social media. Reels was a new feature that rolled out last year, and I’ve been able take advantage of the resources at DOBI to stay ahead of the curve and push out great content.

DOBI: It sounds like you’ve been able to take advantage of the marketing tools at DOBI, and turn social media into a lead source!

Brooke: Definitely. I’ve learned that being consistent with posting, applying what I learn from trainings and paying attention to my analytics has been key to a strong social presence. I also have  my IGTV series, Monday Money Madness, dedicated to how to take control of your finances, aimed at educating my audience. Now, I have referrals and people reaching out to me on social, that are interested in working with me. It’s funny because a lot of them have my phone number but just end up contacting me in my DM’s. 

DOBI: How does this help build trust with your clients?

Brooke: It’s important to me to show up on social media and provide valuable information and content that resonates with people- both finance and real estate. People see what I’m implementing and what I am saying, and it helps to build trust with my audience and position myself as an expert in my field. 

DOBI: How has DOBI helped build your social presence?

Brooke: DOBI is great about celebrating the agents here at DOBI. Whether it is the monthly award winners, agent spotlights, our listings, blog posts, photoshoots- there is so much visibility that comes with that. By DOBI sharing the accomplishments of the agents here, it allows more people to see that, learn more and, build both our brand and the DOBI brand. 

DOBI: Any advice for social media?

Brooke: Don’t let social media control you, you control it. As much as social media is a lead source for me,  you have to take leads with a grain of salt. When I first started, I didn’t know as much as I do now, but with DOBI’s DASH training, it helped to identify my lead sources, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and capitalize on it. Social media can be a vice, but it definitely serves its purpose.

Learn more about Brooke here, and follow her on social media @brooke_azimi_realtor.