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DeAnna Pirrie, Making Waves at DOBI

How she’s been doing since starting at DOBI in February

DeAnna Pirrie

DeAnna Pirrie has always had a passion for real estate. A newer face to the scene, with a background in advertising and insurance, she’s been closing deals left and right! She was able to take some time to let us know how she’s been thriving at DOBI.

DOBI: How did you hear about DOBI and what drew you here?

DeAnna: I heard about DOBI from my cousin John Lionas. I always knew I wanted to do real estate but when I walked into DOBI for the first time I knew that DOBI was the place for me. I love the people, the energy and the support that DOBI provides me to be successful as a brand new agent.

DOBI: Is there anything new you learned at DOBI that you have been able to apply to your work?

DeAnna: DOBI has guided me in working with my sphere of influence and being the best agent that I can be for friends and family that I am working with. They are guiding me with projecting my business and preparing my marketing plan in order to better leverage myself as a new agent. I have been taught so much since starting at DOBI as far as the actual real estate transactions. I have learned how to navigate the market that we are in, in order to be the best agent that I can be for my clients.

DOBI: What is one quality about yourself that you think has made you successful as an agent?

DeAnna: I think that the quality that has made me successful as an agent is being friendly to everyone I encounter. I stand hard by the quote “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”. I think being a decent human being and treating everyone with respect has allowed me to build amazing friendships with so many wonderful people. Because of that my clients can trust that I will do anything in my power to be there for them during their home buying/selling process. Real estate transactions can be a stressful time for people and I make sure that it is clear to my clients that they can call or text me anytime they feel stressed and I will be there to ease the process for them.

DOBI: What is your next goal? How are you on a path to succeed?

DeAnna: My next goal is to grow my business and be everyone’s go-to realtor–especially the people who are around my age. I want to change the realtor/client relationship and grow strong friendships and bonds with my clients so they know I will take care of them every step of the way. I want everyone to feel confident using me as their realtor and knowing that I have their back every step of the way. I think that just being a point person and being readily available to help people will lead me to further success.

To contact DeAnna about all things real estate, follow her on social or to find out more about her, check out her DOBI bio page here.