Happy January and welcome to 2023! With the top of a new month comes our Brokerage Meeting: A time for our agents, staff and colleagues to come together, review the previous month and discuss where we are headed. Check out the highlights below:

We kicked off the meeting with our lender, Jon Aucott, from Superior National Bank. Jon brought us some good news on interest rates. As of the time of this post, they’re in the high five percentile which is lower than they’ve been in recent months. 

DOBI CEO, Simon Thomas, talked about where DOBI has been since its inception, coming up on 5 years ago in August of this year. Simon mentioned that he started DOBI to “touch as many agents lives as possible” and to also “be the best in service”. Moving forward, DOBI will never lose sight of those objectives, even as we aim to scale up the number of agents at the brokerage. As the market shifts and changes, DOBI has to adapt as well. Still, quality is extremely important, and Simon wants to make sure that DOBI agents always get the highest degree of service and support!

Please help us congratulate our monthly brokerage winners below:

Our Big Wave winner is peer-nominated by agents and staff. This month the award was given to agent Kristen Patterson. Kristen helped organize staff gifts for the holidays this year. In addition, she’s always helping agents with questions and concerns around the office!

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner goes to Wennessa Bonin. Wennessa just recently made the transition from agent to staff, and she’s been taking on a lot of new roles in that position. We love having her on the team!

Our Broker’s Choice award is nominated to the agent that has made a difference that month and caught our broker’s eye. This month, the award was given to a group that went above and beyond in December when everyone else was taking a break. The broker’s choice award goes to The Joeright Group!

Our Grit Award winner, given to the agent with the most units sold, goes to Naria Jones. Last month, she closed on 3 units!

Our Top Dog this month, for the individual with the highest sales volume goes to Natalie Sheena! Last month, he closed on 1 unit with a total sales volume of over 2 million. Congratulations Natalie!

Our Top Dog winner for the group with the highest sales volume goes to The VS Group. The VS Group closed on 1 unit for a total sales volume of 1.4 million!

Stay tuned for next month’s winners and keep up with us on social media!