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Decorating Your Front Door for Fall

Great for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

To ring in the beginning of Q4, we recently wrote a blog on decorating your interior with seasonal fall decor. Everything from adding an element of texture to your furnishings with knitted blankets to creating a relaxing atmosphere by implementing rich metallic warm tones. Now we’re moving to the facade of your home to make an impression on your family and friends by getting them into the spirit of the season. Here are 4 helpful tips to decorate your front door with a fall-themed twist.

Carved pumpkins

A tried and true family tradition is to carve pumpkins or to just use them as they are for decoration. Check out your local grocery stores, cider mills, or farms for a variety of pumpkins in different colors, shapes, and sizes which work especially well when you mix and match. Feeling creative? Try using a pumpkin stencil and carving some fall-themed images to add some festive flair to your pumpkins!

Rustic textures

Bring on the textures! Using more organic materials on your doorstep really enhances the feeling of comfort and calm as you enter the home. Items such as woven baskets, barn wood, wreaths, corn stalks, and garlands can brighten up your porch. Bonus tip: Get a hay bale to stage a scene on top of it with an arrangement of smaller pumpkins and gords. Add a batch of mums to seal the deal.


Have any chairs or benches on your porch? Try dressing them up with an outdoor blanket and a mat! Having an outdoor space your guests can remove their shoes is very underrated and always appreciated. Top your guest off with a mug of hot apple cider and you’re good to go.


Tired of the same old wreath on the front door? Try a hanging vase. It brings a bit of a new take on the classic wreath we have all come to know and love. You can fill these with flowers of the season and pampas to add to that fall feeling!

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