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DOBI Case Study: Brooke Azimi

From Dentistry to Real Estate

Brooke Azimi knows how to hustle. 👊🏻 She has been nominated several times for the DOBI Grit Award, has closed as many as 4 deals in 4 days, and has grown her business nearly 3000% since starting in real estate back in 2019. 

Brooke began her career working part-time in real estate, as she was simultaneously working in dentistry. After the pandemic, she made the move to real estate full-time. She was able to pay off her student loans in less than a year and has since increased her units sold nearly 800% the last two years. 

She compares real estate to being chairside at a dental appointment. To be there for your client, guide them, educate them, and ensure the process is smooth from start to finish. Brooke’s passion for real estate and helping her clients is what drives her each day. Her goal is to create a legacy for future generations because she lives with the daily mindset that her business is bigger than just her. 🙌🏼

DOBI: How long have you been in real estate?

Brooke: I have been in real estate full time for just over 12 months. I started my real estate career in 2019 working part-time as I was also still working in dentistry at the time.

DOBI: What were you doing before real estate? 

I actually got into real estate in a really roundabout way. If you met me a couple of years ago, it was never in my wheelhouse. I became a landlord and bought my first house at 23 and I rented it out as a dental hygiene student. My parents were in property management, so now that I’m in real estate it makes a lot of sense that I am doing what I am doing.

DOBI: How did your background in dentistry prepare you for this next phase in your life?

Brooke: I like to use the example “chairside and being client-oriented”. As a hygienist, people tend to be guarded or self-conscious of their smiles. I find a lot of similarities with real estate, because when people are purchasing or selling a home, typically it is their largest asset, so finances are near and dear to people, they can be more guarded, just as in the dental chair. So, I tend to have a more chairside manner, and client-oriented presentation when I talk with clients, so they are confident I always have their best interest at heart. I am fair, honest, and will work hard for them so they trust me, just like at the end of a dental appointment, you’ve earned their trust as well. 

DOBI: Why did you decide to get into real estate from dentistry?

Brooke: It started because I started to build my own rental portfolio of properties. I found myself really involved in the process when purchasing other homes,  and my husband encouraged me to get my license so that I could be more involved and represent us for other transactions.  A friend of mine suggested I check out DOBI. Long story short I met with Simon and I started gradually my first 12 months doing both real estate and dentistry. After the pandemic, I switched over 100% to real estate last July and haven’t looked back since. 

DOBI: What were your expectations financially and personally when starting real estate full-time?

Brooke: I am a numbers person, so we have a great marketing team at DOBI, and encouraged me to tap into my finance mindset, and create my Monday Money Madness series. When I started full time,  I had to be strategic with my own finances, since I’d be giving up a stable paycheck. I knew in my gut, if I put my mind to it, I could be successful doing real estate full time. 

DOBI: So you paid off your student loans in a year because of doing real estate full time? That is incredible. 

Brooke: Actually, it was less than a year! I had student loans from undergrad and also dental school. So, for every commission, I would put half toward my lowest token amount from student loans. So, from March 2020- December 2020, I paid off $68,000 in student loans.  

DOBI: What has your strategy been this year to succeed in real estate?

Brooke: I am super goal-oriented. It is part of my personality. So, I love setting goals, sticking to a schedule, to-do lists, and this year I focused on investing more in my core network of people. I don’t need 300 clients every year, I would rather have a core group of 25-50 people that are referring me business, that knows and trusts me. Growing my business organically is super important to me. 

DOBI: What is one fundamental belief you try to honor in your position when helping a client through the process? 

Brooke: It goes back to the chairside mentality, that this is someone’s biggest asset, finances are very touchy sometimes. I like to be involved in the finance side of it, so I can help educate and coach my clients, providing value to them beyond the transaction. 

DOBI: Has social media helped build relationships with your clients or drive leads?

Brooke: Social media has been a huge asset. People knew me from the dental and medical fields, not necessarily real estate. So when I first started, again I didn’t want to come off ‘salesly’, I wanted people to understand what I was doing, be excited, and that was easy to do with hosting events at DOBI. Our branding and marketing here at DOBI are all very striking. So when you walk in here you immediately  get a sense of an established brand. People I feel are quick to trust us and see how well set up we are. So that was a big thing for me on social media. Seeing I am doing this full-time. Consistency with sales, showings, tips and tricks, my money series. The education piece is important, so it feels great to use social media as a tool to educate my network on the homebuying process, as well as the financial tips. 

DOBI: Tell us about your growth and numbers since starting real estate. 

Brooke: Since starting real estate in 2019, I am proud to say I’ve grown my sales volume by nearly 3000% and my units closed by nearly 800%.  That is just crazy to think about. I love to see these numbers, it really pushes me to keep growing and see it scale. 

DOBI: What is your DOBI Difference? (marketing, broker support, culture, biz planning)

Brooke: For me, it is the brand awareness. If you want something to be authentic, it has to be rooted in who you are and what you believe. I think without getting brand awareness, or having the DOBI brand behind me, I would not have had the success and growth I’ve seen over the past two years. 

DOBI: What DOBI core value do you live by? Why? 

Brooke: I love all of them, but I gravitate towards ‘Boss Up’. I think that was a big turning point for me within the dental field knowing that I’d be transitioning to a sales field. That was out of my comfort zone. I had to Boss Up and do this. Put in the work and you’ll see the results.

DOBI: What keeps you motivated?

Brooke: My motivation changes the longer I am in the field. The internal one now is helping others reach their goals and leave a generational wealth or legacy behind. Helping people realize, real estate is a great way to earn passive income, leave a legacy, and build something bigger than yourself. In the dental field, someone would come in for a service, and leave healthy and happy- there was instant gratification. It took me a while to understand if I was making a difference as a realtor. There is a huge education component to real estate that people overlook because they just see the glitz and the glam. But there are so many moving parts behind the scenes, real estate is not for the faint of heart. Closing day is the high point of the transaction, similar to the patient leaving their appointment happy, healthy, and satisfied. 

DOBI: What are you looking forward to the most in your future as a real estate agent? 

Brooke: Expanding my network of core clients, I feel I have a good handle on where referrals will be coming from. Working with them, their family, friends and providing value to them and their families. I love these relationships with my clients I am continuing to build alongside my own legacy.

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