DOBI Case Study: Lindsay Lawrie | DOBI

DOBI Case Study: Lindsay Lawrie

Dedicating to 'Creating Value' for her Clients, Lindsay Grew Her Business by 36%

Lindsay Lawrie has 8 years of experience in real estate, has been at DOBI for two years, and hasn’t looked back since. Her background in media buying for big-name networks and agencies in Chicago has prepared her for being a realtor by developing strong negotiating skills, attention to detail, and the ability to please both clients: buyers and sellers. Lindsay is dedicated to ‘Create Value’ for her clients and knows the importance of honesty- even in tough situations.

Over the past year, Lindsay has grown her sales volume by 13%, and her units closed by 36%. We had the opportunity to sit down with her to learn more about what drives her, how she balances growing her business as a mom of three, and what her ‘DOBI Difference’ is.

DOBI: How have previous careers influenced your real estate success?

Lindsay: My background in media planning has helped in terms of attention to detail. It’s a numbers game. I worked for the client and worked for the network as well. I keep that top of mind with my clients and provide them the best experience. The end goal is to get to that closing table and ensure everyone is happy.

DOBI: What are your future real estate goals?

Lindsay: My goal for next year is to tap into a higher average sale price so my median sale price continues to grow. I want to work smarter, not harder.

DOBI: What Core Value at DOBI speaks to you the most?

Lindsay: “Create Value”. I think that a lot of agents can go through the same steps: showing up to a house, unlocking a door but it’s so much more than that especially in this competitive market. Calling around for pocket listings, calling other agents that have shown your listing for feedback, it goes both ways. But going above and beyond their expectations, to make sure the relationship stays strong with you and your client and that they continue to refer their friends and family.

DOBI: How has the DOBI Difference impacted your business?

Lindsay: I have been in the business for 5 years before coming to DOBI. Between the staff, marketing support, all of our tools, it is like I have a personal assistant. If I’m unavailable to show a home, there is always someone to help out. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that every agent’s needs are met, and I especially feel that as a one-gal show. That support that DOBI provides is so appreciated and something that I think has helped my business grow since I’ve been here.

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