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DOBI Ethos: Jordan Goodman

Being a Part of Something Bigger

Growing up, Jordan Goodman watched his father’s passion for dentistry with a strong focus on putting his clients above all. Inspired by this, Jordan decided that he would take the same approach with his business.

Sales seemed to make the most sense to Jordan because the concept of “getting out what you put in” has always been something he’s gravitated towards. After a brief stint in commercial Real Estate, he’s made the move and found his natural calling in residential.

“For me it’s people,
that’s why I love real estate.”

As a lifelong athlete, it’s second nature for Jordan to operate with a “team player” attitude where everyone is working together towards the same goal. Through the peaks and valleys of a transaction, his Ethos comes full circle in treating everyone like family.

Jordan loves working with people (both his clients and coworkers within the world of real estate) and seeing everything come together in a deal!

At DOBI, Jordan has found mentors and a highly-collaborative work environment where he feels he can learn and grow.

Watch below to hear more about Jordan Goodman’s Ethos: