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DOBI Explores: Alex Lannen’s MCM Home Renovation

On our latest episode of DOBI Explores, we’re invited into the home of DOBI Real Estate Agent and Associate Broker Alex Lannen. This Mid Century Modern renovation project has been years in the making trying to restore and preserve the classic tradition of the home, while updating to certain modern amenities.

Not even in the market, this home came up by happenstance while on a weekend drive through Bloomfield Hills simply admiring architecture and foliage of the area; a tradition in the Lannen family. After moving in, construction immediately began. Everything from changing the front doorwall to hardwood floors. One of the more ambitious projects was moving the kitchen from the front of the home to the rear, gaining access to the best vantage point of their backyard. There are many things that Alex and her family fell in love with about the home, but the large windows were a big draw.

one of our favorite features of this house is the large windows, very quintessential, mid-century modern WITH the idea of bringing the outside in.”

Throughout the renovation process, every material and alteration was a calculated choice to not only evoke the MCM style but to give a sense of continuity and flow. You’ll see pops of soft oranges, turquoise and whites within countertops and cabinetry that all ties back to the original fireplace’s pastel color palette.

DOBI Agent Alex Lannen sitting at her computer

Throughout the tour, you’ll see before and after images of different rooms, the inspiration behind her and her family’s design choices as well as how the overall project has aided in Alex’s business as an agent.

To see and hear more about Alex’s home, check out our DOBI: Explores video below:

To learn more about the local businesses Alex used in her renovation, check out the businesses below:

Design & Custom Cabinetry: Studio Harmony
Construction: Nightingale Company 
Custom Terrazzo Countertops: Line Studio Detroit 
Hardwood Floor Install & Finishing: Wood Talk
Quartz Countertops: Detroit Stone 
Custom Pantry Wallpaper: Detroit Wallpaper 
Appliances & Faucets: Fergusons Showrooms
Laundry & Mudroom Tile Flooring: Ciot 1950