DOBI Explores: M1 Concourse Unit 171 Speed Way | DOBI

DOBI Explores: M1 Concourse Unit 171 Speed Way

A track-side luxury unit

Car enthusiasts and entertainers, look no further- this unit on the M1 Concourse is IT! ✨🏎️

When the unit was first purchased, it was a 1,300 sq. ft. white box. When the current owner built it out, with multiple levels, it was transformed into a 2,800 sq. ft. luxury unit. The single-car lift fully utilizes the space in the garage. Four to five larger cars or six to seven smaller vehicles can fit inside, with one being highlighted on the lift.

The detailed unit includes a full custom kitchen, home office, and an entertaining area with a cigar exhaust system and a half wall garage door, allowing fresh air to flow into the space.

The M1 concourse is like a country club for car enthusiasts. Ownership of a unit includes access to the M1 Motorsports Club which allows members to have private track time with their vehicles. They also have access to private trainers to help fully utilize their vehicles on the track.

Marisa Thomas and Jen McNairnie take us through this unique space and share the story of this one-of-a-kind unit on the track. For more information, reach out Marisa Thomas to schedule a private tour.