Owner and Head Chef of SheWolf Pastificio & Bar

Ready to meet some GIANTS?

We’ve been cooking up some tasty projects and we couldn’t be more excited to premiere our first episode of our new GIANTS Podcast. You can expect conversations featuring notable figures in various industries who have made significant contributions to their fields in the metro Detroit area. In this first episode of the podcast, host Simon Thomas and co-host John Lionas interviewed Anthony Lombardo, the owner and head chef of the Italian restaurant Shewolf Pastificio & Bar in Detroit.

Anthony Lombardo turned his passion for cooking into a successful business, despite the challenges that come with running a restaurant. There’s quite a difference between having a passion for something and actually running a business in that field.

We get to hear all about Anthony’s journey to becoming a successful restaurateur and his philosophy on cooking with fresh ingredients. He touches on the challenges he faced while opening his restaurant and his plans for the future of Shewolf Detroit. Listeners can expect to hear interesting insights about the restaurant industry, Lombardo’s experience as a chef and business owner and his plans for the future of his restaurant.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating conversation with Anthony Lombardo. Tune in to the first episode of GIANTS now and discover the secrets behind Shewolf Detroit’s success.

Check out the full podcast below, or listen on your favorite podcast listening platform.