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DOBI Origins: Craig Joeright

Competitive on and off the ice

Before Craig became a Real Estate professional, he was a competitive figure skater for the United States. After dedicating 30 years to his sport, he decided to take his competitive nature and dedication to help others achieve their dreams and goals by providing excellent customer service. Craig prides himself on getting answers promptly to his clients so they have the best information available to make decisions that can create a positive home buying and selling experience.

Stress surrounds Real Estate, from purchasing a first home to selling a house that is filled with lifetime memories. Craig’s experiences dealing with high-pressure situations in a competitive sport have allowed him the ability to handle obstacles with patience and a positive view to diffuse any extra stress for his clients. Creating a stress-free, enjoyable process is his mission statement to all clients.

We joined Craig at the rink to tell his unique story on how he has taken influence from his past to fuel him on his current journey as a real estate agent and why he’s found his home here at DOBI as a top producer.