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How DOBI Agent Brooke Azimi Grew Her Business 300%

Brooke Shares Her Tips for Success

Brooke has been in the real estate industry full-time for just under 3 years. During that time, she has been able to grow her business from $3 million to $12 million in sales, not to mention grow a team.

Many agents look to Brooke and her continued success to see how they too can level up their business. We recently held a training at our office for our agents to come together and learn from her.

Prior to real estate, Brooke had a degree and a successful career in dental hygiene. After the pandemic, when dental offices closed down she started to focus on her real estate career full-time in July 2020. In under a year, she was also able to pay off over $100,000 in student loans, and surpass what she made in dentistry. You can read her full case study here.

Last year Brooke did $12 million in sales and now with a fellow team member, Sara O’Neil, her goal is to reach $15 million. Real estate is a part of her family, she even started her real estate career in property management and got her license so she could broker deals herself.

Today, we’re breaking down some of the insights she shared during her training.


For Brooke, consistency is key. A large focus of her branding online was to keep a consistent social schedule to connect with prospective clients. When she first started, she began a Monday Money Madness Instagram series, that focused on spending, finances, and real estate. Brooke shared it is crucial to find your niche, and don’t overcomplicate things. It’s easy to compare yourself to other realtors, especially on social media, but what you do consistently adds up and will set you apart.

When she first started, all of her social accounts were private. She utilized our Social Media Manager, to strategize her content calendar to be consistent with what and when she was posting. People started to notice her social presence, which helped to build trust with her audience. She had people reach out that didn’t necessarily have her phone number but sent her a message on Instagram because they felt more comfortable reaching out online. She continues to capitalize on this especially as she’s obtained her license in other states as well.

Follow-up is also crucial to be consistent in a timely manner. She is constantly checking her phone and her social media, as she gains a lot of leads from Instagram. Brooke shared, “you need to be accessible and respond. Follow-up is crucial, especially in today’s market.”‘

Details Matter

According to Brooke, “It’s all in the details.” She utilizes the DOBI branding to stand out to her clients and make an impact. At the events she holds, she’s able to be consistent with our DOBI branding, so people can see her business and familiarize themselves with her as a realtor.

She also shared to remember the simple things, like wishing someone in your circle a Happy Birthday. It takes two minutes, and it only adds to the relationship. Be consistent with communicating with your circle, sending baby list gifts, and the little details about your clients.

Track Your Progress

Since she’s started at DOBI, Brooke’s documented every transaction, with the details of each deal, so she’s able to go back and track her progress over the past three years.

When Brooke first started out, she would also track how she helped fellow agents in our office. She stressed the importance of being available and learning from other agents, by helping with showings, holding open houses, and even writing birthday cards – she gained experience by coming together with other agents in our office.

As she saw her business start to take off, she knew she had to hone in and get organized to get a system in place to successfully scale her business.

Through her systems and processes, she’s able to track her client retention, while continuing to provide great service. This is especially crucial now that she’s grown a team, she’s implemented the processes to grow and scale her business.

Relationships > Transactions 

Throughout her three years in the industry, Brooke was able to form relationships that have evolved with the same people leading to multiple transactions. Her clients recognize seeing the value in YOU, and that is how she was able to grow her business with referrals. She prides herself on providing value to her clients- and reminds us that as agents, we offer more than buying or selling homes. The relationship aspect is crucial to success and goes hand in hand with business growth, especially in an unsteady market.

Brooke was also able to leverage her relationships with lenders, title companies, and local businesses to hold events for her clients and first-time homebuyers. This not only brings value to her business but also to her clients.

Overall, Brooke goes above and beyond for her clients and for every single person she works with. Because she is organized and has systems and processes in place, she can continue to scale and grow while providing excellent levels of service.

To learn more about Brooke or work with her, head to her profile page here.