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How DOBI Agents Use Social Media To Grow Their Business

Harnessing the power of digital relationships

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Social media these days is as essential as a website for your business. A recent study conducted by ‘The Close’, found that 44% of agents said that they gained a new client in 2020 due to posting on social media. This year, when asked to pick where they’ll focus on growing their business this year, 82% of agents chose “improve social media presence.” This focus on crafting hyper-local content can target leads and position agents as personable experts in their area.

At DOBI, we understand the value of social media for our agents. We’ve seen countless success stories – some agents even seeing 70% of their business coming from their social media platforms. Simon Thomas recently spoke with Fox 2 Detroit on how our agents are using social media to build their business, you can watch that here.

Social media brings the relationship-building aspect of real estate to online communities. Online users feel a connection and sense of trust with the agent. “The interaction is way more fluid and straightforward when those leads come from social media because they feel like they know me. It brings me closer to the client even if I haven’t met them in person before.”, says DOBI agent, Ursula Mullen. A combination of posting listings, sharing educational, informative, and relatable content is driving leads for our agents and allowing them to sell their client’s homes quicker.

Many agents attribute their social media success to generating new clients from the valuable informative content they post. DOBI agent Alex Lannen says, “I have people on social media I hadn’t talked to since high school more than 20 years ago, who reached out when they had a real estate need because they’ve been seeing my posts.“ Alex’s content focuses on helpful, detailed information each week on homeownership, buying, and selling, without trying to sell her audience anything.

Tracy Woodrum launched her “Tea with Tracy” series over a year ago on IGTV. Since then, it has evolved into a platform where she now drives leads to her business by featuring local businesses and community spotlights. In this series, she shares relevant tips, trends, and topics all things real estate. Tracy shares, “Recently the owner of a local business who had been on as a guest, asked for my help to sell his house. I now continue to receive referrals from him.” 

Hashtags are a key element in reaching new potential clients on social media. DOBI agent, Brooke Azimi, utilized a hashtag strategy she learned in a DOBI training and increased her reach online by 90%. She continues to gain new clients directly on Instagram versus clients texting her first.

Content is king. It is crucial to stay on top of social media trends, especially now with the rise of Reels on Instagram. Creating engaging videos, using high-quality photography and branded graphics from DOBI, helps agents to build their brand and showcase their client’s listings. Utilizing paid social media can also help agents to promote their listings or services to reach new audiences. Users feel like they know you and value the relationship, prior to even meeting in person! 

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