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How Scott Pulus Secured the Listing

Marketing Materials for the Win

You will always see Scott Pulus in the office, with a big smile, ready to help others. With a background working in customer service and as a district manager, Scott found his passion working in real estate and taking care of his clients is his #1 priority. He was recently awarded our Grit award for the month of February, which is given to the agent with the most sold units for the month. 

We sat down with Scott to learn more about WHY he chose DOBI and how he leveraged our  marketing materials to secure a listing.

DOBI: How long have you been in real estate?

Scott:  I have had my license for just over 2 years and I am loving every moment!

DOBI: What is your favorite part about working in real estate?

Scott: Well, I love that I can make my own schedule, but I also genuinely enjoy helping people find their dream homes. I got into real estate because as someone who has always worked in the customer service industry, I loved that I could continue to build relationships and help people. I love the feeling you get. 

DOBI: Let’s talk about the marketing support at DOBI. How did you secure a listing from some of our marketing materials?

Scott: Yes! I always feel prepared when I head to a listing because of all of the branded, sleek materials DOBI provides. I provided a buyer’s guide, a moving checklist, and left behind the whole package we had, including materials on home staging tips. The client loved it and was super impressed. It definitely helped to set me apart and provide value to my clients, plus win the listing against other agents! I know I have the resources here at DOBI to help me in my business and I also love working with people and naturally connect with them, which always helps!

DOBI: What sets DOBI’s marketing apart from other brokerages?

Scott: Other brokerages don’t teach you much, I always had to figure it out on my own. At DOBI, we are provided all of the tools and resources we need to succeed. They are branded, sleek and top-notch quality. I have been on plenty of listing appointments when I have been at other brokerages, and the number one question I always get, even now, is “How are you going to sell my house?” At DOBI, I love using our branded listing presentation, which we can customize for our needs. It looks professional and provides information before clients even have to ask. I always come looking prepared and will sometimes even drop it off the day before my listing presentation. That way, I can spend more time focusing on my clients and building the relationship because DOBI provides me with everything I need to impress and educate my clients.

DOBI: It’s great that you’ve been able to leverage so  many of our resources to make your life easier and impress clients. How has marketing helped to increase your business?

Scott: More than anything, it’s the resources through Canva. Ben and Olivia are always creating different templates for us to use, the content is ready to go, and already branded for DOBI. I can fit in more listing appointments, sell homes quicker and help clients more efficiently. Clients are always impressed with the materials I leave behind, which helps build my business from a referral standpoint as well. 

DOBI: What is different about the DOBI brand?

Scott: It’s edgy, sharp, different, and stands out from the competition. You’re used to seeing all of the black, yellow, red, blue and white signs in front of homes for sale. And then, you see the DOBI signs with the branded colors, striking polka dots and it just catches your eye vs. the other signs. Clients always tell me they think of me when they see DOBI signs! LOL! Everything just goes so cohesively together, from the listing presentation, yard signs, business cards, and social media graphics, DOBI just thinks of everything for us to utilize and increase our brand awareness.

DOBI: Why did you make the move to DOBI and why is DOBI the place to be? 

Scott: One of the things I loved about DOBI, was that even though we all do our own business, everyone is willing to collaborate. It’s a cool place to be. I was close with Mark Kattula and he also talked me into coming over. We talked with Simon, and also checked out a few other brokerages, but they were ‘too corporate’ and not as friendly. Here at DOBI, it’s open, there is great energy, you can be yourself, be your own agent, and collaborate with cool people. That is why  DOBI is the place to be. I also love how DOBI is centrally located in Birmingham, making it easy to stop in throughout the day or in between appointments for anything I might need.

DOBI: What other tools or resources do you utilize here at DOBI?

Scott: I find myself always utilizing Canva graphics, trainings, and the client gift program. DOBI just makes it so easy for us to provide thoughtful gifts to let our clients know we are thinking about them year-round from Baklava trays during the holidays and quarterly gifts, DOBI is always thinking of ways to make our lives easier. It’s great because I can provide great service to my clients while still building my business and relationships while letting my clients know I am thinking of them.

“You guys just make it easy. From marketing materials, client gifts, Canva graphics and ongoing trainings. I have all the tools I need so I can better service my clients and continue to build my business.” 👊🏼💥  

That’s what we like to hear! Keep up the great work, Scott! Learn more and contact him to help buy or sell your home!