Jessica Stencel, Starting Off Strong | DOBI

Jessica Stencel, Starting Off Strong

The culture and trainings made it a smooth beginning at DOBI.

Jessica Stencel

Jessica Stencel brings her drive to real estate! Prior to DOBI, her time was spent coaching tennis and traveling the country with her team. After a few big moves, Jessica began to purchase and renovate properties. Going through those processes sparked her interest in real estate, and led her down the path to becoming an agent. 

We checked in with Jessica to see how she’s been doing since she started at DOBI in October of 2020.

DOBI: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. How are you doing today?

Jessica: Amazing! Things have been going great so far. I am excited as I have my first listing, and am hoping it goes well.

DOBI: Is there anything new you learned at DOBI that you have been able to apply to your work?

Jessica: I have learned so many things as being new to the industry there is a lot to learn. Specifically, the recent contract trainings have been such a huge help. It’s always the most intimidating part of the job in my opinion, so guidance was very appreciated. I also always knew giving extra love to people you care about is important, but even more so in this industry, showing people you care really does help to create business.

DOBI: What is one quality about yourself that you think has made you successful as an agent?

Jessica: I love other people, which is so important in this industry. I enjoy being social and have a lot of friends and family who have been a big help in starting my career so quickly. I think the more genuine you are and the more sincere relationships you have, the better you will do. 

DOBI: What is your next goal? How are you on a path to succeed?

Jessica: I have a number goal in my head for my first year in this industry, which I am currently on target to hit. Even more so than a numerical goal, I am trying to learn as much as I can to make sure I am the best agent I can be. I have a real appreciation for the industry as I have worked in a few other industries and decided to pursue this passion a bit later than most. I started studying for my exam when I was 30 and received my license when I was 31, so this was a path I chose myself and really wanted to explore given my long-time interest in real estate.

We’re excited to see what great work Jessica does in the future. Check out her bio page here to find out her contact information and more!