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DOBI Real Estate has been built on a single premise: value the relational aspects of the real estate industry to provide a premier-level experience for every one of our agents.

Our foundation is built on core values that are inherent to who we are: be humble, create value, boss up, come together, and put the client above all. We use these to provide the most meaningful experiences for our clients, build our agents’ business, and create a culture that will withstand the test of time.

At DOBI, we offer three meaningful advantages that combine to elevate our agents’ business: providing accessibility to our staff and our services, developing a custom tailored approach to each business plan, and opening up our space to provide a culture where people can learn and grow.

Agent Testimonials

"DOBI has an energetic vibe that makes you want to work harder and sell more. Giving me all the resources and tools I need for the most exceptional experience my buyers/sellers could have. Nothing could be more true than the phrase "The DOBI Family."" - Rebecca Sokol

"Surrounded by top-notch, level-five leadership has created an environment here that is second to none. I look forward to coming into the office. I even look forward to meetings!! It truly is a wonderful culture at DOBI...and I credit my helpful, collaborative, and encouraging colleagues and what has been created here to much of my own success so far." - John Lionas

"DOBI has helped me to grow my business and be surrounded by an amazing group of people who celebrate your wins and are there for you during your losses. It is truly a brokerage that is overflowing with the best of the best!" - Ann Michael

"Before joining DOBI, I was blown away by the top-notch marketing, strong social media presence, and what seemed to be an amazing company culture. Perception is reality and DOBI does not fall short! " - Cathleen Odish

The DOBI Difference

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Think Like a Business Owner

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Business Planning

Agent Growth

The 4 Pillars of The DOBI Experience

Agent case studies

Rebecca grew her
business 750%
Learn More

Scott grew his
business through marketing
Learn More

Tracy grew her
business with social media
Learn More

Brooke grew her
social media reach 91%
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Our staff sets us apart

We understand the demands of the real estate industry, which is why building a well-rounded, experienced, and dedicated team to support our agents has been a critically-important investment for us.

Above all, our staff consistently delivers on the core tenets of client service: responsiveness, accessibility, and an insistence on treating everyone as equal. Through these, we aim to make your business – and your life – more efficient and less hectic.

End to end, our team provides expertise from many different perspectives – those who have a long history within the real estate industry as well as those with a fresh set of eyes, having worked in other verticals.

From a Sales team who provides best-in-class support to a Marketing team whose members have developed strategies for some of the world’s most well-known brands and their leaders, designed countless pieces of compelling collateral, and produced beautiful and engaging video content, our staff is as dynamic as they come.

Simon Thomas


Chief Executive Officer

Reina Snively


Operations Director

Rachel Remy


Social Media Manager

Olivia Bevacqua


Graphic Design Coordinator

Pablo Ortega


Creative Content Manager

Lauren Gallick


Creative Content Coordinator

Jasmine Goryoka


Accounting Manager

Bonita Hermiz


Accounting Coordinator

Nick Moons


Agent Success Manager

Jojo Resnick


Agent Success Coordinator


Our agents have been recognized as top producers and premier agents by several local and online organizations.

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