We had a packed house for our July 2023 Brokerage Meeting. Our in-house mortgage company, Brass Lending, invited in guest speaker, Nation Sales Director, Michael Hazamy from UWM to give everyone his perspective on the market:

“One of the biggest myths is that interest rates are high right now. The average interest rate over the past 48 years is 8.13%. The market is slowing down because borrowers think it’s too high. Over the last 5-6 years we’ve been spoiled with a below average rate. The rates today are still well below the norm. Execution and education will get us through these times”

Senior Loan Originator, Josh Jardin came up to announce our first Triple Play between DOBI Agent Mike Bush, Brass Lending contributing the loan and 22 Title for all of the title work all on the same deal.

Great to have everything all under one roof here at 2211 Cole.

DOBI CEO Simon Thomas capped things off to remind everyone to not forget about your relationships and mindset during this busy time of year when it’s easy to get distracted.

“If it’s true that historically, a person moves every 5 years, you can assume that if you maintain a relationship with one person, and continue to provide value to that person, that will translate approximately to 1 deal over the course of 5 years. How much work would that be for you? Not a lot. How many relationships would you need to have in a year to do 10, 20, 100 units?”

“If you have a lead, you’ll always get it done. The hardest part is getting that phone to ring.” Simon continued to shared his 4 non-negotiables to maintain and grow your business:

  1. Work Ethic: Always have your business on your mind, and always show up.
  2. No Excuses: Don’t place blame for your failures on others. Successful people don’t do it and you shouldn’t either.
  3. Adding Value Every Day: Adding value to your clients is how you make money. Always be proactive about providing your clients with updated information. You should be educating yourself to educate them.
  4. Be a Lion Not a Sheep: Wake up every single day with a purpose, thinking ahead, and prepared for whatever the world throws at you.

If you feel the pressure of the market tightening up, then it’s probably time to buckle down and master your craft and focus on the relationship.

Please help us congratulate our monthly brokerage winners below:

Our Big Wave winner is peer-nominated by agents and staff. This month the award was given to DOBI agent Mike Bush. Mike was part of our first “DOBI Triple Play” using our in-house title company, 22 Title, and our mortgage company, Brass Lending. Fantastic job being a team player and having a great June, Mike!

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner goes to Lauren Gallick! She’s been doing an amazing job handling all of the social media accounts for DOBI along with our affiliate businesses. Let’s go, Lauren!

Our Broker’s Choice award is nominated to the agent that has made a difference that month and caught our broker’s eye. The broker’s choice award goes to Nicole McAvoy! This past month she’s had 6 pending units and 3 units closed.

Our Grit Award winner, given to the agent with the most units sold, was a clean 3-way tie between DOBI agents John Lionas, Brooke Azimi, and Patrick Jarjis. They each individually closed 4 units in the month of June. Congratulations you three!

Our Top Dog this month, for the individual with the highest sales volume goes to Rebecca Sokol! Last month she did over 9 Million in sales with a total of 4 units!

Our Top Dog winner for the group with the highest sales volume goes to The Nelson Team. They had a sales volume of over 3.7 Million with 6.5 units. Keep up the great work!

As always, stay tuned for next months winners, give us a follow on social for market updates, listings and all of your real estate needs.