June Brokerage Awards | DOBI

June Brokerage Awards

Our Biggest Month Yet!

June brokerage awards

As we enter into a new month, it is time to celebrate our brokerage award winners for June! We are already halfway through the year and we hit a huge milestone in June: our biggest month in sales volume and units closed. 👊 👊 🔥🔥 We also had a pop-up sale for our new Spring Merch…head to our Instagram page to see more! 

The Grit Award winner is given to the individual agent who has closed the highest number of units this month. Our Grit Award winner for the month of June goes to…Brooke Azimi! She’s been crushing her goals, and even closed 4 deals in 4 days this month! Keep it up, Brooke!  👊 

Our Big Wave winner was awarded to Austin Speer! Austin has been putting pedal to the metal and non-stop hustling around the clock, and he deserves recognition for the effort he has put in! He’s always in the office representing our core value ‘Come Together’ by asking to hold open houses for other agents, his positive energy, and being very friendly and welcoming – especially to newer agents getting to know everyone! He also is always fashionably dressed in his colorful shirts!

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner is Jojo Sandercock! Jojo is the walking example of our core value ‘Come Together’. She lifts everyone up, helps anyone that needs it, manages her own workload, helps with our social media, all at the same time- no job is too small or big for her! She is a bright energy all the time and brings a smile to everyone’s day, and always offers a helping hand. She was also called out for her efforts and hustle contributing to the success of all our agents closings last month by providing an exceptional experience. 

Brokers Choice this month goes to Patrick Jarjis. Our broker, Chris LeBlanc, nominates the agent he feels has done above and beyond that month. Patrick had a number of deals go pending, and has just transitioned to being full time in real estate. Stay tuned on our social media this month when Chris will interview Patrick to learn more!

Top Dog winner this month going to … The Lipari Thomas Team (Lisa Lipari, Marisa Thomas, Jen Mcnairnie). The Top Dog award goes to the agent with the highest sales volume for the month. Keep up the hard work and crush your goals!

Culture callouts included Mark Kattula for his positive energy, Leah Vanderhoff for closing her first deal and Craig Joeright for his overall energy, helpfulness and fitting right into our culture. DOBI staff culture callouts included Nick Moons for always bringing the vibes to the office, Lauren Gallick for capturing amazing content so far on her roller skates, and Reina Snively for all her hard work around the office and organizing the Roxy Awards! 

Until next month! Keep up with us on social media!