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May 2017, June 2017, April 2018
Why Real Estate?

Every day I am faced with new challenges and opportunities and also get to meet new people. Every day is different, every house is different, everyone I meet has something new and unique to offer and bring to the transaction. I enjoy working with people and learning new things from everyone I meet. 


DOBI has hard working agents that believe in collaboration, offer high standards, encourage growth, have a passion for business and is a place where you can be yourself! DOBI takes pride in customer service and treating clients like family.

What do you love?

I love having pool parties with my family at my house! The sun, water, and good company is all I need! 

Favorite Movie

Love actually

Dream Vacation

A trip to the Galapagos Islands for all the adventure and animals the island has to offer! 

Random Thought...

Think Positive Thoughts, Say nice things, Do good for others. Everything comes back. 

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