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Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

Quick and easy ways to celebrate the season

We can hardly believe it’s almost Christmas. This month has flown by and there is a lot to remember, including breaking out the festive decor.

Time spent shopping for everyone on your list and successfully planning out holiday gatherings, it’s understandable if getting the holiday decorations up has fallen to the wayside. But don’t stress—we’ve put together a few simple ways you can decorate for Christmas, even if time is no longer on your side.

Add Fresh Greenery

A full-blown tree isn’t essential for a lovely Christmas effect in your home. Use a few evergreen sprigs and place them into frames, vases, staircases, and even wrap them around mirrors to infuse holiday spirit in every room. Re-purpose green wreaths to double as the perfect table centerpiece. You can display it on its own or add a large candle for a glowing attention-grabbing bit of decor.

You can also add fresh garland that can be strung around staircases, above your kitchen sink, and even add onto your mantle to add a festive touch in a pinch.

Focus on the Mantle 

Other than a stunning Christmas tree, the mantle is the other focal part of your holiday display. It’s where stockings hang, a warm fire can burn, and where family and friends gather around. If you have a mantel, capitalize on this spot for additional decor for the most impact. Adding flameless candles, festive photos in frames, stacked faux trees, and fresh garland to dress it up.

Let There Be Light

Even if you have to go sans ornaments on your tree, a simple set of lights on a Christmas tree can still look polished and complete. Try to focus on spreading them out evenly so that your tree looks intentionally minimal. To go a step further, add candles and mood lighting to your space for a cozy feel indoors.

Add Cozy Elements 

Even without an abundance of Christmas-themed decorations, you can still transform a room into an inviting, holiday space. Pair buttery soft blankets, sweater-like textiles, fluffy pillows, and soft lighting together to make a cohesive space that’s comfortable, inviting, and perfect for napping after holiday dinners.

Don’t Forget The Outside 

Christmas is one time of year where your interior and exterior games are both important. However, blow-up snowglobes and rooftop light-up reindeers aren’t required. For a quick turnaround, use what’s likely already on your porch or in the garage. Lanterns, outdoor lighting, and filling railings with ornaments, greenery, and lights can quickly add a touch of holiday spirit that will welcome your guests the moment they arrive.