Leveraging Top Dogs | DOBI

Leveraging Top Dogs

DOBI Real Estate is conquering Southeast Michigan’s Residential market, one incredible experience at a time


“We started in 2018 with 10 agents. Within six months, we had 25, and we ended our first year with 35 agents and a 268% increase in our sales volume.” Says DOBI Real Estate CEO Simon Thomas.
DOBI’s rise to success in such a short period of time is due to its strategic design. A concept born in 2018 from Thomas’ and his team’s desire for a forward-thinking company culture–and with a name implying the resiliency and loyalty of a Doberman–DOBI draws residential real estate agents passionate about their business and desiring something different: a team of people supporting them through it all.
“To win and grow, we have to practice what we preach,” says Thomas. “That takes a qualified staff. We’ve found the right people to offer what our agents need.”

Confident Leaders
Thomas’ own background tells the story of a hard-working dollar property agent consistently doubling his business year after year. He quickly moved to selling million-dollar homes, becoming a top producer in the state within four years of starting his real estate career. While the success was gratifying, he saw the need for a firm that provided an exceptional experience for agents, buyers, and sellers alike.
“Our office space is different,” Thomas explains. “The open floor plan creates a collaborative atmosphere, so it’s important that we recruit the right people.” DOBI seeks agents whose desire for retaining and growing their business is infectious. “From the stay-at-home mom who wants some extra income to the agent who wants to make million-dollar sales, they’re all here to hit their goals,” he shares.
To feed that fire, DOBI’s staff meets with each agent regularly to craft tailored business plans that speak to their strengths. “How do we build a plan around you and support you to execute it and hit your goals? We ask that constantly of our agents,” Thomas says.
With a supportive team and solid game plan, DOBI agents set out to offer a personalized experience to buyers and sellers. “Home is a personal place,” Thomas concludes. “We take that seriously. Making the agent’s experience great translates to a great experience for the buyers and sellers. Closing on a home is a cool thing, and we want to make that a celebration.”

Giving Back
Key to DOBI Real Estate’s sought-after culture is its belief in giving back. In addition to matching agents’ quarterly donations to the chosen charity, the brokerage sponsors International Stars, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth baseball league in Metro Detroit working to bridge socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic gaps. Additionally, each holiday season, the firm adopts a family in need and provides food, clothing, and gifts they may otherwise go without. From gift card giveaways to bowl painting fundraisers, DOBI passes forward the wealth it’s earned to make Southeast Michigan a great place to live and work.

This article was originally published in a special advertising section in Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine, April-May 2021.