April is here. We’re celebrating the Tigers opening day, the Masters and of course our brokerage meeting! We’ve officially closed the book on Q1 with a high note ranking at #5 in RealComp doing 120 units for the month of March! Let’s goooooo!

The focus for this meeting was about going into Q2 and Q3; there are more opportunities to get in front of your sphere. Now is the time of year in Michigan where the weather gets nice and with that comes birthday parties, graduations, weddings, golf, etc…People start to come out of the woodwork to buy or sell their home and hopefully your phones are going to start ringing again. Here’s the key; make sure to not forget to run your business. While you’re out there in the field, don’t forget about marketing yourself, make sure you’re still getting coffee with potential clients, following up with your baby list and nurturing your sphere of influence. Before the phones start ringing and the showing appointments begin, wake up just 2 hours early and focus on your business and finances for the year. Goal set, make sure you’re on track. This will prepare you for the winter months to make sure you turn a bad Q4 into a good one.

Here at DOBI, we are identifying how to add value to all of our agents. Hitting #5 in RealComp and 120 units is just the beginning. That doesn’t motivate us to relax. Similar to how our agents nurture their client base with special touches, that’s what we do for our agents with our events. Every day is an opportunity to get in front of people so that your client can’t think about anyone else but you. Going into April, please do not forget what’s coming next. The brokerage is in the same business as you guys. Make your terrible months okay months. We’re not growing because it’s revenue first. We’re growing because it’s agents first. You won’t be able to stop your phones from ringing with this mentality. In the meantime, do not forget to stop running and managing your business.

Please help us congratulate our monthly brokerage winners below:

Our Big Wave winner is peer-nominated by agents and staff. This month the award was given to DOBI agent John Lionas. John did a great job performing in our recent April Fools video. He’s always around the office bringing in positive and upbeat energy. Never change John!

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner goes to Wennessa Bonin! She’s been doing a great job with Skyslope and Business Portfolio training for the agents. Great job keeping all of the agents educated Wennessa!

Our Broker’s Choice award is nominated to the agent that has made a difference that month and caught our broker’s eye. The broker’s choice award goes to Debbie and Ryan Nelson of The Nelson Team! They’ve been absolutely killing it recently with 6 pending units and 4 closed in the month of March.

Our Grit Award winner, given to the agent with the most units sold, goes to Patrick Jarjis. He closed a total of 5 units. Congratulations Patrick!

Our Top Dog this month, for the individual with the highest sales volume goes to Jessica Stencel! Last month she did 3.8 Million in sales with a total of 2 units!

Our Top Dog winner for the group with the highest sales volume goes to The Joeright Group. They had a sales volume of over 3 Million with 7 units. Keep up the great work guys!

As always, stay tuned for next months winners, give us a follow on social for market updates, listings and all your real estate needs.