“June 1 is when things start to happen here in Michigan” said Simon Thomas. Everyone was definitely feeding off that energy at our June 2023 Brokerage Meeting.

Aj Sgroi of Brass Lending introduced the ever-growing team of Loan Officers with Louisa Ritchlin and Josh Jardin as well as Loan Processor Jen Riggs. Additionally, a new educational session called Ask Brass will begin Mondays from 12pm-2pm. This is for any agents that have questions regarding all things mortgage, applications, credit and so on.

CEO Simon Thomas closed things out with reflecting on building a team. Our Director Of Operations Reina Snively has been with Simon for 8 years even before DOBI began. Simon mentions, “back then, it was just the idea of eventually opening a brokerage and I was super nervous to take that first step. Where do I start, how do I grow it and then how do I start delegating and trusting others to believe in the vision.”

“If you hire the right person, lay out your expectations, find out what drives them it really sets things up for success” Simon continued. Once adding Reina, a culture started to immediately develop. Building report, inside jokes, throwing events. “I can’t believe it’s been eight years with just Reina. Now I can’t believe we have a staff of 15.” On the agent side, during Q1 you think “how am I going to get through this”? and now we’re all still here in June. Even building out our affiliate title and mortgage brands. Without them, the service and culture they provide, we wouldn’t be able to plan our next move without them.

“With good people that are hard working, it will always work itself out. We’ve failed numerous times over the years figuring out our comp plan, figuring out our team but we celebrate those failures, learn from them and grow collectively.”

“But there is surely an energy and work ethic that goes into it that. I’m rarely tired because I love what I do. It motivates me and gets me excited every day. Same thing for agents. You can tell which agents love what they do no matter what the challenge, market, season is. When you learn how to embrace that and adapt it into your business, the sky’s the limit. Selling houses was a stepping stone for me. It taught me how to make money, it taught me to fall in love with the work. You can mold it and shape it into being whatever you want it to be.”

Please help us congratulate our monthly brokerage winners below:

Our Big Wave winner is peer-nominated by agents and staff. This month the award was given to DOBI agent Craig Joeright. He did an amazing job helping to put together our recent charity event at the Detroit Skating Club, as well as performing with his wife Larisa at the event! We love when our agents bring their unique skill sets to the table. Keep it up, Craig!

Best in Class is given to the DOBI staff member representing our core values, peer-nominated by fellow agents and staff. This month our winner goes to Leah Vanderhoff! Recently transitioning from agent to staff, she’s been an amazing addition to the team. Great job Leah!

Our Broker’s Choice award is nominated to the agent that has made a difference that month and caught our broker’s eye. The broker’s choice award goes to Quin Gist! She’s always in the office, working late and diligently on her business. This past month she’s had 4 new listings and 1 pending deal. We see you Quin!

Our Grit Award winner, given to the agent with the most units sold, goes to Brooke Azimi. She closed a total of 6.5 units in May. Congratulations Brooke!

Our Top Dog this month, for the individual with the highest sales volume goes to Nick Seman! Last month he did over 2.5 Million in sales with a total of 4 units!

Our Top Dog winner for the group with the highest sales volume goes to The VS Group. They had a sales volume of over 3 Million with 7 units. Keep up the great work!

As always, stay tuned for next months winners, give us a follow on social for market updates, listings and all your real estate needs.