September Training & Happy Hour Recap with Simon Thomas | DOBI

September Training & Happy Hour Recap with Simon Thomas

Capitalize On Your Strengths, Improve Your Weaknesses

We always appreciate learning from our CEO, Simon Thomas. His most recent training was all about breaking up your business into 3 categories in order to find your strengths & weaknesses and grow your business.

Any aspect of a realtor’s business can really be bound into one of these three categories: Sales, Marketing & Branding, and Operations. It’s important to be able to break down what’s included in each category and identify where your strengths lie, but more importantly your weaknesses because that is where you will have the opportunity to grow your business. Everything you do as a realtor will fit into one of these categories. Here are just a few examples of each:


New Listings
Client Sphere
Sales Portfolio
Listing Presentation


Social Media
Lead Generation
Look at your 7 lead sources which can include Zillow, open houses, events, your baby list, long-term follow-up, birthday cards, and follow-up cards.


Buyers and Sellers Process
CRM Tool

Simon’s talked a lot in our past brokerage meetings about the importance of ‘Mastering Your Craft“, but it really is the truth. You have the power to decide your success, but you have to put in the work. Look hard into your business to determine where you are strong and weak. Is your strength that you are a great buyers agent? A great listing agent? Are you amazing at contracts and paperwork? Are you great at sales? Now with the same thought, identify areas you can improve upon. Focus on those things, and you will see a tremendous shift in your business.

Another thing we touched on was the importance of having a process in place for your business. The best golfers in the world have the same process every time they hit a ball. The same is true for a Realtor. It’s crucial to have a process and a routine, especially when the market starts to shift and change, it gives us an opportunity to identify these things. A few examples include knowing the market, the top agents in that market, having your listing presentation buttoned up, and practicing your listing presentation. Do you have a process for getting listings? Simon shared an example of what his listing process used to look like. He’d have a listing presentation prepared, send a confirmation 24 hours in advance to his prospective client, and would keep the presentation to 20 minutes. Following up with the client afterward being a crucial step.

Once you’ve established your weaknesses, and where your processes can improve, it’s important to set 90-day goals. At the end of the day, you are the department head of all the above departments. How do you get your phone ringing all the time? It starts here. So start by improving and setting goals in one place. Write those goals down, practice your sales pitch, and don’t give up. Sales is only 33% of the business, so it’s important not to lose sight of the little details. If you want to stay in this business and thrive, you will want to go to town on learning and understanding areas for growth.

Lastly, as we know, there is no turning this business off, and sometimes it’s crucial to take care of YOU, thus improving your business. It’s no surprise that stress can affect your business, so working on yourself is important. Whether that is working out, going for a walk, golfing, or catching up with friends, be sure to take time for yourself.

Check out some of the fun our team had during the training, followed by a happy hour, below: