"Tools of the Trade" with Patrick Jarjis | DOBI

“Tools of the Trade” with Patrick Jarjis

The First Installment of Our New Series

Before leaving the house, everyone does a “phone, wallet, keys” check. The accessories that would be included with your action figure. Whether you’re heading to DOBI or out to a listing, what are the tools that allow you to be the best version of yourself and perform your job to the fullest?

In our latest series, Tools of the Trade, we spotlight a DOBI agent and ask them not only why they must have these objects in their arsenal but also the psychology behind them. At the surface, it’s just a wrist watch but Patrick Jarjis tells us,

“It’s more than a fashion accessory. I actually use it to tell the time. It’s rude and unprofessional to pull out your phone when you’re with a client. This way they have my full attention”

Check out our pilot episode for Tools of the Trade below: