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What’s to Love?

Cities are more than just boundaries on a map

Stories have always framed our understanding of the world – they are embedded with power, the power to influence, to inspire. To make change imaginable. At DOBI Real Estate, we hope to share with you the stories about homes on the market and the communities, the neighborhoods, and what’s to love about each of them.

What’s to Love? is a campaign that prompts you to uncover the stories nestled in the communities throughout metro Detroit. It is a chronicle of our brokerage’s approach to share with you more than just the details of the home for sale down the street.

With that, we are kicking off the campaign in Birmingham, Michigan – our home base – where the idea of DOBI started almost two years ago and still thrives to this day. To begin, we uncovered the story about this vibrant city with small-town charm.

So head over to our Community Page to learn what’s to love about Birmingham, the town’s vibe, what won’t you find, and what the market is like. Discover why we love our preferred partners and even take a peek at what homes are for sale.

We invite you to follow along as we journey through some of the most desirable places to live in our state.

See What's to Love About Birmingham
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